1:53 PM

I know I have been MIA for a month but I'm back!! So the reason why I was not able to post a blog entry every week because I am busy doing school works. YES. You read that right. I am back to being a school girl since June 9. Anyway, last night was our Solidarity Night or what we call Acquaintance Party. We, from Grade 8-11,teachers,staffs and Sisters, welcomed the Grade 7 students last night. So the program started around 4 pm and we had an activity which I enjoyed a little bit. hahaha! I was tired that time because we attended our classes in the morning until 3:30 pm. Hassle right!? The party started at 8:15 pm and was stopped after 10 mins because there was an accident that happened. Supposedly, the party should end at 9pm but you know... somebody got hurt already. But I still enjoyed the Solidarity Night. It was hella fun and a night to remember :) And ofcourse, the night wont end without having a picture with 2 of my friends. When will we be complete again guys? :( I hope soon! 

with Pia & Chatlyn

with Pia and Dalette

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