11:47 AM

This morning I woke up to the sound of my phone. The birthday messages had started early in the morning.  

My 18th year of life has officially begun 

I was laying in bed last night, thinking about my 17th year and how fast it flew by. As I get older, the years move along quicker and quicker. Why is that? We don't necessarily get busier. We don't shorten the weeks and turn forward our clocks each day. My guess is we don't stop to enjoy the moment we're in enough, so life speeds on by and another year we grow older. To be honest, I don't feel celebrating my 18th birthday today. I don't know why. I feel like I just want to be at home and do the usual things that I'm doing every Sunday.  

  It is not like I woke up and the whole world was different – my transition into adulthood is a gradual one of course, yet I have to admit that I do feel different! 🙂 I was waiting to be 18 all my life. I mean all those years up until 18. Being able to make my own decisions, well not really. I still like to ask some good advices from my papa or kuya just because I don't trust myself when it comes in making decisions 💁 Although sometimes, papa's letting me to decide for myself (not yet ready to be independent but it excites me!)  18 is the age you can actually do things.There are many things I was waiting for. Yes, indeed. I do feel so much better being over 18. Obviously I have not yet experienced many adult things, but I'm slowly getting there. Also, now that I'm 18, I know that I should act more matured and be "more" responsible. yikes! more responsibilities.

I didn't celebrate my 18th birthday like the most of the girls do or the usual tradition. Not because I don't like it. Well, all of the girls wants to have a party for their 18th birthday. It's like it's our wish to have like one. Who wouldn't want that!? But Papa gave me 2 choices. It's either I'll have a party or ****** (sorry, I just can't say it yet) hopefully soon! *crossed fingers* and I choose the second! For me, it's not because you're 18, you are obliged to have a grand party celebration. Yes, it's fun.But I couldn't resist that chance that Papa has given me!! 

What made me choose the second choice?

 Like I said, all girls wants to have their debut, including me of course. Actually, we've gotten to the point last month that we are making a guest lists already, the theme that supposed to be a "Paris Theme" because it's one of my dreams to go to Paris. But as soon as my Papa made me decide if I rather want to have a party or *****, I realized something. Why will I celebrate my birthday if the two of the most important people in my life is not there? Okay sure, I will actually enjoy the party but there's this feeling that there is something that is missing. And that's them. My Mama and Papa. I think the party will be more enjoyable if my family is complete in the occasion. 

Sunday morning came, as we eat breakfast, my tita's kept asking my plan for my birthday and I've decided to have a dinner with them. We left the house around 4pm and went directly to Nuvali.

We decided to eat in TGIF (my fave!!!)

This little man needs to stop growing!! 

So after I eat, I decided to check my phone. Later on, I got shocked when the staffs in TGIF started singing a birthday song behind my back. ( I don't know if they sang a birthday song because I didn't understand what they are saying. Although the tune is a birthday song) Anyway, A+ for effort! lol! kahit na nakakahiya. hahaha! 

Sunday was a perfect day. There was no stress, no worry, just happiness, sunshine and laughs. I am thankful to have such amazing people in my life to help me celebrate this 
special event, and to wish me a "happy birthday". Also, thank you for the birthday gifts! I loved all of 'em!

photo credits to Kuya Jake! 

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  1. Happy Birthday! It was fun reading along about your day :) Congrats on being 18!!