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  I've never been to a Legoland. I was quite curious on how it looks like. Would it just be like an
Amusement Park? How would Lego will actually feature? The answer to this is everywhere. There is Lego everywhere. There is a whole land Lego structures and people, there are Lego buildings,dragons,animals.. you name it.They often make sounds as well and it was fun discovering them as we walked around. Even if you aren't a Lego fan, you are going to be impressed by the Lego structures in this park.

Project X Roller Coaster

The Dragon

There are rides, shows, and attractions. Plenty to do for all ages and it's just a lot of good fun. I loved visiting Legoland Malaysia. Lots of fun and I enjoyed all the different attractions --- the shows, the rides and the building lots of things with Lego! The parks were not at all crowded and it meant we got to do so much for the whole day. "The Dragon" at the Lego Kingdom is probably the most "extreme" ride in the park.  Legoland is a fun experience for all of us.

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