4:38 PM

So here it is... The most awaited summer outing with some of my friends. We've been planning this since last year and we're so happy that we made it. We literally pushed it to make this happen. So we arrived at the resort by 8 am (special thanks to Tita Candy -- one of my friends' mom for helping and guiding us). So when we got up in our room,we ate the foods that we bought for that day then after that, we enjoyed the pool until 3 pm. We enjoy the pool like we're kids,laugh our ass off to the crazy things that we're doing and there are some time that we're having serious talks about life hahaha! When the clock strikes at 3 pm, we went back in our room and locked ourselves out and we enjoyed watching some drama movies,cartoons (never too old to watch that kind of thing lol) while we eat some snacks. Tita Candy fetch us by 5 pm and help us to check out. Seriously, I still can't believe that we successfully did our outing. The date was moved earlier than the original date that we've planned and to be honest, while I'm typing a message for my dad to ask permission about the outing, I was really nervous cos I thought that he will not allow me to come but TYG cos he allowed me. 

 It's already summer and that only means that we're officially on vacation!!! 

Another check in our bucketlist friends! see ya real soon! 


(Give credits if ever any photos will be taken) 

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