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It's May month and it only means that Filipino communities will celebrate Flores de Mayo. It will actually celebrate throughout the country. This is a tradition that cannot be easily erased in the month of May. As a highlight of the celebration of the Flores de Mayo, a religious festivity called Santacruzan is celebrated. After the novena, a procession will follow which joined in  by ladies with their escort in which they represents various religious characters. Why I'm telling this? It's because
I've joined Santacruzan last Monday (May 30,2016) and it was hella fun! This is actually my 2nd time in joining this religious festivity. The first one was year 2007, I think --- and I've joined as Reyna Elena that time πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ For this year's Santacruzan, I was the Reyna Delas Vergines. I actually loved the gown that I wore --- and the makeup. Actually, my eyes looks like a korean! Maybe because of the eyelashes :)


 πŸ˜³ So the procession started at 4pm and ends around 6pm. The funny thing about this santacruzan was we're all sweaty it's very hot (although I'm still thankful that it didn't rained).  Anyway, after the procession, we had a mass / novena and offered a rose to Mama Mary. So after the mass, we already went home and eat dinner with the people who helped me made this Santacruzan a memorable one ❤️ To the people who decorated the arc, who carried it, to my family who supported me from the preparation up to the day of Flores De Mayo... Thank you :) 

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