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I still can't believe that I went in Sydney! The feeling is just so.... surreal 😮I have been wanting to go in Sydney Australia for so many years now because I want to see their famous landmarks like Opera House & Harbour Bridge. My trip is not that planned because supposed to be, my younger brother and my cousin are the ones that will have a vacation there last May. But it happened that I was turning 18 last February and I couldn't decide if I will a party or not. My dad let me choose if either I want to have a party or I will go with my brother & cousin in Sydney. At first, I can't choose because I want to have a party too so that I could celebrate my birthday with my friends and family (hassle!! Can I choose both?) 😕  What let me changed my mind that time was when my Tita told me that I will stay there for 2 freaking months!!! I mean, who wouldn't like that, right!? So I chose 2 months vacation over a whole night party for my 18th. It also came into my mind that since I love traveling, why not grab the opportunity? And of course, we all go through in passing the requirements for our Visa. There's a 50/50 chance that neither of us can't go. As soon as my cousin passed our requirements in Immigration and I started to get nervous that time because what if they wouldn't grant my Visa?? But thank God because they did 🙈 

Our flight going in Sydney was last May (first week --- couldn't remember the date) and we arrived in Sydney Airport around 10 am. My Tita and Tito are the ones who fetched us, btw. My first lunch / dinner there was Pancit Canton but I didn't eat that much because I was so sleepy that time. After eating dinner, we went out to meet my other cousins in Max Brenner. And yes, we ate again. I looove the foods there! Although they are all sweets 😛 It matches the weather that night because it's so cold!! I also ordered hot choco because I don't drink coffee #FunFact

Tutti Frutti Belgium Waffle with Strawberries, Banana, Vanilla Ice Cream and Milk Chocolate Drizzle

Not the typical pizza that I usually eat but it was so good! 

If you like sweet stuffs, I am pretty sure that you're gonna like Max Brenner Chocolate Bar. 
  Max Brenner is literally an opium den for chocolate lovers and if you're not, maybe you should avoid this place because you might not be able to tolerate the level of sweetness. There are many other choices of desserts, ranging from chocolate beverages to crepes, ice creams and waffles.With its cozy environment and creative chocolate dishes, I understand why some might classify Max Brenner as a must-try. Is this a Max Brenner review or what? lol 

ahhh, these guys 💘 
I think it was past 10 or 11 when we got home. All I could say is it's only my first night but I started to love Sydney that time. I hope I could go back and try Max Brenner again.

My first 3 days in Sydney is so hard because in that days, I didn't eat rice! Trying to be an  #Aussie 😒 Thank God I survived!

PS: Starting to search if there is a Max Brenner here in  Phils.

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