12:07 AM

It's 12 am already and guess what? I'm still up. This is why I hate sleeping in the afternoon because there's a possibility that I won't be able to sleep at night. Since I'm not yet sleepy, I decided to post a blog entry at this hour.

"When you're alone... there are so many things that comes into your mind... It's either negative or positive.Sometimes I feel that there is something I need, but cannot obtain. That there is something missing in me. I feel like there is too much sadness in me and I cannot freely let go of it. Dont get me wrong, I know how blessed/lucky I am. I can have the things that I want, I have a family and friends that are very supportive. But I cannot seem to understand why I'm feeling this way sometimes. I hate being puzzled. I hate being clueless. Then suddenly, an idea have crossed in my mind. I need to know why I'm feeling this way. And when I figured it out already, I know that I will be truly happy."

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