7:42 PM

I can't believe this school year will already end! It’s such a shame cause honestly, grade 10 was one of the best school years for me so far, I learned so many
things, I’ve made so much mistakes, I met new people, I observed more, and well, I changed. I’m actually writing this a week before the last day of school because I cant help but have so much of the feels (huhu).Well ofcourse, this school year won't be the same without my friends! I'll definitely miss them... having food trips with them, our never ending "kalokohan" and ofcourse their corny knock knock jokes. hahaha! I’m laying down in bed reminiscing and thinking about the first day of school and other memorable events. I can't believe that I'll be in Senior Highschool in a few months! Goodluck to me :)

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